Volunteer policies


  • Volunteers are a direct reflection of the New Orleans Salsa Bachata Festival organization.  You must be polite and professional to all guests at all times.  If a problem arises, contact the Volunteer Committee Head immediately.  If a situation is serious, immediately inform one of the police officers or security THEN contact the Volunteer Committee Head or a near-by Board Member.

  • You must work the hours assigned to you to earn your awarded hours.

  • Awarded hours will be used to purchase current Houston Salsa Congress passes according to what is listed on the volunteer page.

  • You must report to the Volunteer Committee Head 15 minutes prior to your schedule for your assignment.

  • When your shift has ended, you must again report to the Volunteer Committee Head BEFORE leaving.

  • NEVER leave your post unless the Volunteer Committee Head instructs you to.

  • If you must leave your post, contact the Volunteer Committee Head through text, a call or through person-to-person message letting her know the circumstances.

  • Each Volunteer will receive a special lanyard.  This lanyard must be worn at ALL times in order to get past security.  All lanyards are required to be turned in at the end of your shift.

  • If you are unable to fulfill your duties, we understand and invite you to purchase your passes instead.

  • ONLY the Volunteer Committee Head has the authority to assign and reassign a Volunteer.  If your assignment is completed prior to your shift ending, report to the Volunteer Committee Head for reassignment.

  • If the Volunteer Committee Head does not find you at your assigned post, you will be invited to just purchase your pass and any awarded hours will be null and void.